It’s Not Just Hip-Hop
Brittany Williams

Brittany, your blog is FANTASTIC! I love that you picked this topic. I find myself questioning the same thing, why aren’t other genres criticized for misogyny? I appreciate the use of Blurred Lines as one of your examples. It’s funny to me because my mom always points out the misogyny in hip hop when I change the radio to a station playing rap, but when blurred lines comes on, she’s the first person to turn it up and sing along. It’s almost as if people expect misogyny from hip hop and only hip hop; no one else is capable of committing this crime. I came across a song by the band Senses Fail called “Choke on This,”in which the first few lines are HIGHLY misogynistic:

“Half smoked cigarettes and you’re the trash that infests my sheets
Can’t make a wife out of a whore, don’t want your skin on me.”

People listen to this kind of stuff all the time with no regard as to what the lyrics are actually saying. Some argue “it doesn’t stick out as much as it does in rap,” But it’s there. It’s very noticeable to those who chose to acknowledge it.