We’re eager to announce our participation in BOID Season 4!

BOID has been working on some incredible projects and community engagement. On BOID.com you can learn more about the contributions toward the World Community Grid. The have some some incredible work with BOS and IBC to engage their community on other EOSIO-based chains.

Season 4 is about support researching the COVID-19 Virus.

Show your support by joining this project and dedicating your idle computing time while earning BOID, and KROWN Tokens if you join the CSX Boid Team!

We have some incredible KROWN Token contributions offered from the KROWN Community as a KROWN Worker Proposal.

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CSX Corp now supports WAX.io Blockchain!

Site: www.csx.io

CSX Community Social: Telegram

WAX Guild candidate name: csxcommunity

Company headquarters: CSX Corp is based out of Wyoming, USA

Location of Servers: Nuremberg, Bavaria & Falkenburg, Halland (Germany)

Type of Servers: bare metal

Tech Specs:

2 x Intel® Xeon® Gold 6130 16-Core (Skylake-SP)
incl. Hyper-Threading Technology

2 x 1.2 TB NVMe SSD PCIe Gen3 x4 RAID 1

4 x 512 GB SSD RAID 10

Total expenditure for resources to the WAX Blockchain:

a) CSX is currently spending $128 / Month for cloud computing resources.

b) 2 - full time paid contractors to monitor and maintain nodes.

Estimated scaling plan for…

Announcing support for BOS Core

CSX Community is proud to announce support and participation in the BOS Core Network.

BOS Core is a fork of EOSIO software with massive structural improvements. BOS is first known for their implementation of IBC (Inter blockchain communication) between the EOS Mainnet and BOS. This allows users to transfer a token between two separate networks. One of the vast improvements of BOS is the speed of finality of the network transactions. On BOS one can have a 3 second finality. On EOS Mainnet the last irreversible block takes 3 minutes! Learn More >

CSX is proud and honored to be part of the BOS Core Community. CSX looks forward to building a deeper relationship with the community through technical support and participation where possible.


CSX Community

We’re a BP candidate on eosio chains. We’re the initiators of the KROWN DAC, the first EOS Mainnet DAC! We build applications for communities on blockchain.

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