I’m learning, so forgive me.

17/04/2016 23:27 Want to write, don’t know what to write. So I decided to write anything that cross on my mind. Anything. And one of it is I think it’s great to learn how to write in bahasa in a good way, or to write poem in english. Is that a great idea? Well, it’s not me. But I think it’s interesting to learn something new, right? Something that is not you, but you try, though. Trying to peek inside someone else’s mind, trying to walk on their shoes. So here we go… an english poem of mine. I think this is going to be a really really bad poem. I know I’m being negative and insecure, but…I’ll try. I’m learning, so forgive me.

Here’s a quote, dedicated to…my self? Or him? Can’t decide. Okay let’s make it to him.

Here’s a Word for You

Here’s a word describing of you

The one who looks fine

And has a smile, bright like a sunshine

And here’s a word describing of us

You’re the one who’s incredibly smart

And I’m the one doing the art

Here’s a loving word from you

“Girl, you’re a beauty”

“Coming home with me?”

And here’s a word describing our little story

Waiting the bus under the rain

And talk about dreams waiting the train

But here’s a word about you making me sad

In the night missing your laughter

But I know, you’re thinking about her

Lastly, here’s a wishing word from me to you

I can’t thank you enough for you coming into my life

I wish I could be your wife

SHEET…..THAT IS A DAMN GOOD POEM FOR A BEGINNER. Oh, God. That is so good. A+ for you. A+. For you. Feelin’ like posting it in my another blog, but, will someone recognize it? Well I think yes. And I think it’s a little bit cheesy, too. If someone reads it…I bet someone will making a jokes out of it. But I think it’s enough for me posting this poem here. Dedicated for him, without him or anybody else knowing. Just for me, and him.

It’s for you, E!


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