Week 13 Journal | Slide deck & future plans

Please access the following link for the slide deck of our Visitor’s Lounge:

If given additional time on our project, our group would continue refining the functionality and interface of the status board. Out of all the features in our prototype, I believe this feature brings us back full circle to one of our earliest ideas in reducing waiting room anxiety. Although similar to a patient tracking system we concieved early on, the final version of the status board was updated very late in the project to reflect the most recent feedback received from our mentors and peers. After this change, we believe a new round of user testing would be beneficial. While we are happier with the visual aesthetic of the new status board, it is important to consider its feasibility in a real world setting. Using a workflow diagram, we were able to hypothesize how the status board can be integrated into existing hospital structures and electronic medical records such as Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts. Testing with users who have expertise in implementing these changes such as IT technicians or other technical teams would give us a better understanding on its feasibility.

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