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Flash fiction is versatile. It might not always be easy to write, but it’s certainly rewarding. Sometimes, it’s even fun. Best of all? You can use flash fiction to push the boundaries of your craft and end up with something surprising.

So step outside your comfort zone and into something new.

Step into a new genre: ​

Want to try a new genre but not certain it’s for you or if you’ll even like writing it? Yes, you could spend several months and 120,000 words on an epic fantasy — only to discover you hate it.

Or you could spend…

An extended metaphor about writing and life

I first wrote this article in 2012. Since then, the publishing landscape has changed; my position in that landscape has also changed. Despite (or because of) the upheavals, there are still plenty of peaks, valleys, and plateaus to navigate. The lessons I learned back then still apply.

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When you traditionally publish a novel, you enter into a tacit agreement. You can no longer speak of wanting more. Millions of unpublished writers would love to trade spots with you. They yearn to have your one agent, your one published book, your one award nomination.

And, you, published writer? It’s unseemly to…

Charity Tahmaseb

Coffee, ghosts, reading, writing. I’ve jumped from airplanes and slung corn on the cob for Green Giant (but not at the same time).

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