Good Coffee = Good Content

I read a blog post, years ago, about the importance of habitual writing. It went something like this: every morning when you wake up, take a few minutes and just write. It could be a poem, a journal entry, or an op-ed on Covfefe. Developing this habit will increase your writing skills, and your ability to simply produce content. The more you create, the easier it becomes to crank out those 2000 word blog posts right? Write? Riiiiight.

The one thing the author didn’t mention — and my addition/alteration to this methodological mantra — COFFEE (not to be confused with Covfefe).

And not just any coffee, GOOD COFFEE.

Like any mind altering substance, I like to keep my caffeine consumption at a moderate level. But sometimes you get into a routine where one or two cups just isn’t enough…especially when you hit that 2:30pm wall. Some people chalk it up to the development of tolerance. And yea, I’m sure there’s some fancy scientific explanation to validate this position. But I’m gonna go ahead and make another assertion:

Good coffee gets the job done AND you don’t need to drink a ton of it to get that caffeine rush we all know and love.

Quality Over Quantity

Think about other substances you may indulge in from time to time and remember this old adage we all know and love: “Quality Over Quantity”. That 9% Belgian Beer goes a long way and tastes soooo much better than that super hip but less than tasty PBR (sorry Shane). It only takes one tiny hit of that heady strain of Pineapple Express to do the job of one of those full length doobie’s you grew up smuggling into the DMB concert.

I’ve been lucky enough to indulge in some of the finest brew over the past few days, while visiting family in Santa Fe (shout out to Ohori’s Coffee!), and by no coincidence I think, I’ve pumped out some of my best content in the shortest amount of time. One cup and a top-off refill and I’m gooooooood.

So while getting in the habit or writing every day is valuable, do yourself a favor and get in the habit of drinking a good cup of joe. It might by a slightly larger upfront investment, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’ll be sure to see that elusive ROI.

— — — —

And if you don’t drink coffee — sod off, this post is obviously not for you and you should never have a) clicked and b) made it this far down the rabbit hole.

Or perhaps you should have and it’s a sign…

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