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In his book, Average is Over, economist Tyler Cowen argues that marketing, not STEM fields is the most important skill set for the future.

“It might appear that a masseuse is not much affected by computers, at least provided you are skeptical about these robots that now offer massages. Nonetheless, masseuses increasingly market themselves on Google and the internet. These masseuses fit the basic model that favors people who can blend computer expertise with an understanding of how to communicate with other people.”

No matter what your skill set is, you have to be able to effectively market it. Though many people don’t realize it, getting a job is mostly a marketing problem — getting the right company to notice you and be willing to give you money in exchange for your services. …

In my post on the Getting Started With Cryptocurrency, I laid out what I would recommend as a 101 curriculum from understanding Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology.

Consider this the 201 list. I’ll start with long-form articles and series, then more academic papers and finish with project-specific whitepapers.

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Longform Articles

Fundamental Challenges With Public Blockchains
by Preethi Kasireddy

Excellent overview of the ways in which blockchain technology could fail.

“The reality is that it could be many years before trustless systems are ready for mainstream use at scale.”

Placeholder VC Thesis Summary
Joel Monegro & Chris Burniske

Ostensibly an investment thesis, Placeholder’s summary contextualizes crypto in the broader technological landscape and shows it’s development pace compared to prior technological paradigms. …

2018 was probably my best reading year ever (both in quantity and quality).

A big part of it was that I joined a few different book clubs . I found they were a great way to schedule semi-regular hangouts with friends I enjoyed spending time with and also helped me get through some books I might not have finished were I reading alone.

If you’re interested in starting one, having a theme seems to help for inviting people, so I would suggest picking some topic you are interested in. In 2018, mine were philosophy, finance, and blockchain.

Here were some of my…


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Author and entrepreneur. Into history, complexity, productivity, and blockchains. Don’t have all the answers, but happy to share what I’ve learned

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