Big Markets vs Small Markets

Market size is a sad truth to sports. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago seem to win championships almost every year. Cities of greater population have more salary cap and more desire for players to go there. Smaller cities like Oklahoma City and Salt Lake City have very small markets and have come close to winning championships but haven’t a championship.

I went to high school in Utah and SLC LOVES the Jazz. They stand behind them and never question their decisions like other team’s fans. They trust in the front office and were ecstatic when the team went 41–41 last year missing the playoffs by 1 game. The fans this year are very happy that the team has evolved into one of the best teams in the west. Currently they sit on the four seed and are trying to reach the Rockets at the three seed.

Teams like the Thunder also reside in a small market. They were said to be the best team last year. Sadly they lost to the Warriors in 7 games in the Western Conference Finals. They were a great team with their dynamic duo of Durant and Westbrook. Durant left them for a bigger market and more money. Small markets cannot compete with the big and fancy cities and big pay checks.

Small markets will always lose. It is the sad truth of sports. I hope their are some changes to give a level playing field to the cities like OKC, SLC, Memphis and Portland.

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