I read an article on ESPN about how NFL teams can’t keep everyone happy for ever.


This is the sad but true fact of young players who think they are worth way more than they are. Jammie Collins a great NFL linebacker was asking for Von Miller type money so the patriots traded him. Von Miller’s contract is worth 114 million dollars. That’s crazy!! Personally I dont believe he’s worth that much, no one is in my opionion. Collins was easily one of the best defenders on the Patriots and the Pats knew they couldn’t keep him happy so the got something for him. A 3rd round pick.

The fan side of me was really sad because he was easily one of my faveroite players on the squad. However, the Sport Management side of me was happy because they got a pick for him when they wouldn’t have gotten anything for him when he would have left in the off season.

As a sport managment major I have been trying to see trades and picks as the buisness side of things rather than the fan. When the Knicks drafted Porzingus I was really sad as a fan. Now I realize that was one of the greatest picks the Knicks have picked in a long while. It has been really hard making this ajustment but I have been coming a long really well and I want to contiune to see why franchises make the picks they do.

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