Creative entropy — a killer problem with Laloux’s evolutionary purpose
Tom Nixon

Tom and Frederic

Interesting article and response— thank you. I wanted to add a little practicality if I may from the ‘coal face’. I am implementing Teal within our company (kind of fun across 5 countries and 10 different nationalities!).

What I have discovered is that there is no right or wrong in regards to how much or little the CEO should push his vision. In the space of three weeks I have had to swing from ‘let everybody decide’ to ‘this is the vision’ and back to what I hope is a more middle ground. Maybe this is poor implementation, but what I have learnt is that through the process of change — people hear what they want to hear — and it isn’t normally what you wanted them to hear, but one extreme or the other, namely autocracy or consensus.

Therefore I have found that my role has been to keep pushing self-management by getting people to understand what the middle ground means (to follow their own decisions within the context of the company vision). So whose vision is that — and on that I do agree that it is the vision of the company not of the CEO solely. Outside ‘Red’ organisations, I do not believe that the practical vision (as opposed to the vision statement on the website) of any organisation is that of one person, by virtue of the fact that there are two or more people working together.

Hope that makes sense at a practical level — and thank you again for a most interesting post.