The Paperkeg Omnibus

Or Something Missing for Dale’s Hardcover Shelf.

Exclaimer: Paperkeg currently has no connection to this project. This is a fan-lend thing only. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Hey There Keggers,

I’ll try to get right to the point

Over the last few years, I've had this idea about creating a Paperkeg Omnibus. The Physical Wikipedia of Paperkeg. A collections of volumes that contains all things Paperkeg (and could one day be printed as a hardcover and placed on Dale’s shelf). It could contain episode lists, Rules for the Flash Drinking Game, classic Fenstuh-designed covers, my old paperkeg comics, or behind the scenes commentary from listeners and hosts alike. But most importantly, a detailed catalogue of every Paperkeg episode ever released.

My idea began back when the boys had not even reached episode 75, so it seemed like a task I could complete on my own. I even managed to catalogue the first few episodes myself. But time has gotten the better of me, the boys have seen episode 200 come and go, and I feel this task might be too hard to complete(especially on my own). But then three interesting things happened.

  1. I started to realized how active the Paperkeg community had become
  2. I saw how often listeners go back to listen to old episodes
  3. The guys decided to take some much needed time off for the holidays

The lack of new weekly episodes has given me the joy of going back and listening to old episodes and I thought that other listeners might start doing the same. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to fill the listeners in on my plan/idea, see if anyone is interested in helping contribute, and find a way to help ease the Paperkeg cravings.

At the bottom of this post I have contained a simple episode questionnaire that can be filled out while listening to the show. Fill this form in while listening to your favourite old episodes, and collect as much episode-specific information on as you can. <<You can also go here to a Live Google Doc>>

At first, my plan was to cover the first 25 episodes so that we can have a good number to start a collected series. But, I wanted this to be a fun experience for the listeners and I want to get a feel for the potential interest in such an idea. So, if you are interested, fill out questionaires for ANY or as many episodes as you’d like. (To see an example of the questionaire filled out, here is a link for Episode 001 — Underboss that I did ).

Top 5 Quick Rules:

  1. Fill in what you can. The more detailed the better, but any information is fine.
  2. Paperkeg is about respecting and sharing the talents of creators in the comic industry. This means the most important details to get right are the ones regarding the bookclub book, and the books covered in roundtable or lightning rounds. Get titles and issue numbers correct so that people can use this Omnibus as a tool to find the books that are mentioned in the show.
  3. All members of the Bookclub creative team are important. When possible inlcude: writers, artists, colorers, letters, breakdown artists, or anyone else important
  4. Be honest. If you don’t know a piece of information or aren’t confident, that’s ok. Don’t include it, or mention your concerns and I will do my best to get any information you couldn’t.
  5. Have Fun!

The Questionnaire:


RECORDING LOCATION: “In Person” (location), “Skype” Episode
HOSTS: Note Regular Hosts first, guest hosts second
 — Classic (roundtable, lighting round, and bookclub)
 — Fresh (Bookclub Only)
 — Film Episode
 — Fireside (Fireside Only Episodes)
 — Roundtable (the shorter, roundtable only episode)

Issue/Volume Number:
Creative Team:

Host, Book Titles, and Lightning Rounds.

Who wrote in AND about what? Keep it short, don’t transcribe it.

LAST WORD(s): Who said, and What was said right before the end of the show.

This includes news highlights, kid announcements, important moments in show history, inside jokes, classic moments, reoccurring themes, and show sponsors.

Jonesy Predictions: Note the prediction, and answer when possible.

Slim Has An Idea: Note when Slim has a “brilliant” idea to make things better for the comic industry, tech industry, or whatever million dollar idea he has.

Who Is Fark Marrington?: Any time Mark, or anyone, reveals a piece of information about Mark’s real life.

Dale’s Audit Report: note any mention Dale makes about owning a specific hardcover

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