Meet Marsela! Marsela is a rising junior at USC studying computer science and a developer for Code the Change. Read more to find out about her exciting summer in the Bay Area!

What have you been up to this summer?

I’m interning at Google in Mountain View! My project is centered around keeping Google’s Java codebase as clean and as bug-free as possible. I’ve completed various static analysis checks which detect antipatterns or probable bugs and provide a suggested fix. …

Meet Ed! Ed is a rising junior here at USC studying computer science and a developer for Code the Change. Keep reading to learn about his summer in Oregon, his favorite millennial indulgence, and more!

What have you been up to this summer?

I’m interning at Intel Smart Homes in Portland, Oregon. Smart homes will give us a lot of new data about exactly how we use our homes. I use machine learning to predict what the daily schedule of a homeowner is like and then automate the house based on those patterns.

As a side project, I’ve been working…

Getting to Know the LA Nonprofit, Chrysalis

“A power of a butterfly must be-/The Aptitude to fly/Meadows of Majesty concedes/And easy Sweeps of Sky” - Emily Dickinson, “From the Chrysalis”

Code the Change is back full swing, working on amazing projects with two of LA’s most inspiring nonprofits. We are so excited for you to learn more about them and the work we hope to achieve with them!

Chrysalis is an organization that provides employment resources and support to homeless and low-income individuals throughout Los Angeles. Their goal is to help and teach these individuals how to find and maintain a job, so that they may have…

“It’s a Beautiful Day for a Neighbor” like NCSA

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As a USC student from the Chicago burbs, I never really saw Los Angeles as a place with neighborhoods. To me, the word “neighborhood” is synonymous with family or community. Neighborhoods bring a sense of belonging, teamwork, volunteerism, home — all the important lessons you learn from an episode of Full House. Essentially, the word “neighborhood” brings up the warm and fuzzy in us all (don’t lie we have the success of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood to prove your love).

However, “warm” and “fuzzy” are not words I would use in conjunction…

Photo from NPR

California has a problem. (And it’s not just our freeways)

We are in the middle of a devastating drought. A drought whose implications few people seem to realize. A year ago, senior water scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and UC Irvine professor Jay Famiglietti wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times that should have caused terror. The article’s title was a horror story come to life: “California has about one year of water stored. Will you ration now?”.

People didn’t.

To set the scene for you, here are a few facts about California’s current state of drought:

  • Reportedly…

Women who run the world of computer science, and why you should too

Photo from UW Institute for Learning and Brain Services

Silicon Valley is not just a man’s world.

In an industry previously reserved for “boy geniuses”, girls are beginning to take back the field. At companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Amazon, more and more women are starting to hold powerhouse positions. These women are reminding the world what has been clear from the start: girls kill at comp sci.

It’s only been relatively recently that women’s “place” in computer science has been questioned. In fact, the invention of programming is often attributed to a woman (shout out to Ada Lovelace). Throughout history, women have been integral to the invention…

Good design is what makes your iPhone 6 look sleeker and cooler than your friend’s iPhone 5. While it’s important for the product to function properly, it won’t be the same without an attractive look to go with it. And we have just the people to transform our products from good to great.

Meet designer, senior Maggi Yang.

Major: Industrial Systems Engineering
When I’m not coding the change: I’m trying everything! Surfing, climbing, painting, cooking
Talk to me about: Art, cheesecake, Ethiopian food
Why CTC? I get to do what I love while being surrounded by awesome people.

Being a developer for Code the Change means getting to not only code exciting projects, but also playing an active role in the creative process leading up to the final product. It’s a lot of hard work, but equally enjoyable and rewarding.

Meet someone who’s up for the challenge: freshman developer Peter Kaminski.

Major: Computer Science When I’m not coding the change: I’ll be biking, reading, surfing, swimming. Talk to me about: Anything from football to knitting the perfect scarf for mom. These are a few of my favorite things: Of Mice and Men, tennis, coding, Harry Potter, the outdoors…

One of our greatest needs as an organization this semester is for designers — as a code and social impact organization, we cannot emphasize enough the need for great design.

Not only does good design help us deliver beautiful solutions, it also creates a fast user workflow, improves user experience, and helps us create a polished end product for our socially enterprising partners.

On that note, we’d like to introduce you to freshman designer Marsela Sulku.

Major: Computer Science When I’m not coding the change: you’ll find me hanging out with my friends or doing homework somewhere quiet Talk to…

Welcome to our new featured member series — a way to understand each role a little better, and get to know some of the people that make up our fantastic team.

First up, meet freshman developer Alex Lee.

Major: Computer Science & Business Administration When I’m not coding the change: I’m working out, making my own games/apps, and listening to EDM (Good EDM) Talk to me about: Life, ethical issues, technology, science These are a few of my favorite things: Coding, food, music Why CTC? In CTC, I can be myself and have fun coding, knowing what I do helps…

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