Introducing Web Components and What It Means for Search Engine Optimization and Privacy
Jenn Schiffer

Some of this just can’t be further from truth.

  1. You don’t need a web-server to run a WP? What?! You can’t run anything without a web-server.
  2. The fact that all your content is client-side means higher ranking? WHAT?! ranking is all about relevancy, not about amount of content. In fact, a lot of “hidden” content is often irrelevant and not unique, which causes serious ramifications for SEO. In fact, there are real stories when people simplified their shadow DOMs to get rid of penalties.
  3. Java != JS! You don’t need to know Java to use any JS techniques. This is epic…
  4. Shadow DOM has no relation to privacy. It is NOT for storing sensitive and user-data and using it for it is the same as using anything else frontendish for it.
  5. Super confusing mixing of php and html code here. PHP is backend and it can never substitute html imports in any way.

I don’t know how the author can call themselves an SEO evangelist. It’s not even the junior technical SEO level. An incompetent and potentially harmful article. Be careful.

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