When depression hits harder than you can; where to get practical and immediate help.

I thought recently I’d been on a path to towards some semblance of balance. I have a new occupation therapist who is wonderful and really on the ball, actively giving meaningful tips and a website I can access for therapy. She’s desperately trying to get my to go to her borderline craft group as she knows I’m big into crafting. (Not gonna happen, groups terrify me!)

Alas not. It’s hard to muscle up the courage to ask for help when in crisis, you often feel a burden or like somehow no one will take you seriously. However there are people who can help in a crisis if you do not have a mental health worker, or even if you do. Not all crisis occur in office hours.

The Samaritans have a phone number, email address and in branch service (all free of charge from the UK) for anyone who needs to talk.

The charity MIND also offer advice though their phone lines are office hours, but they still have branches to visit.

There is also this text service who I am unsure who it is affiliated with.

Also the charity RETHINK help with legalities of mental illness such as benefits and getting support.

So there’s a list of services I’ve used. If you are feeling suicidal you can also call 999 or go to the A&E department of your nearest hospital. Also NHS 111 will also give you a call back and can usually get in touch with a crisis team if needed.

I hope this helps at least one person. You can get help and you can get better. Sometimes talking to a stranger is easier and can help towards opening up to people closer.

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