‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ Is About the Wars We Fight at Home
War Is Boring

The story behind Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is much misunderstood (even by some characters in the game, haha)… the anti-aug feelings are being seen by some commentators as an analogy for racism, but that does not actually make sense.

Race is not a choice, it is a genetic fact, and racism is about imputing spurious significances to certain genetic facts.

However being cybernetically augmented is a choice (albeit it one protagonist Adam Jensen (& Talos Rucker) famously did not have, hence the iconic remark “I didn’t ask for this”)… so in a sense a better analogy is hostility towards people’s personal lifestyle choices, making anti-aug sentiment more like a cross between anti-homosexual sentiment with an element of anti-gun-ownership sentiment (as the article says: augs *are* dangerous). Both those things are choices that others want to prohibit.

So the “Aug Incident” is analogous to the mother of all mass shootings, and using that as an excuse to ban private ownership of most guns (a la Dunblane the UK). Of course given the baroque details of the conspiracy theory back story, that is a somewhat wobbly analogy as the augs who went crazy could not help themselves.

It is a great game :-)

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