how much

how much love do you need until you feel loved

how much loyalty do you need until you feel safe

i wonder how much it takes for you to be happy

no, i wonder what will keep you happy

tell me how much

but even if you don’t, i will give you my all

i will you give that much, whatever you want

until i just loose my soul

did you really need to break me?

were you trying to tell me something?

the more i distanced myself

the more you held my hand

was it even worth it?

becoming committed to the hurting

how can you stand so confortable behind a lie

did someone tell you that you needed to hide?

did i ever make you feel like you would loose me for the truth

or is it you, just you and your dirty mind

always playing the villain with your lies

i’ll forever wonder who you are

and you’ll forever feel like you lost your best heart

i wish you knew how much i loved you

maybe you would stop feeling like i forsook you

move on, i’m already gone

it’s been way too long

we don’t feel like home anymore, so move on

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