Found this little gem in a library called NextGrowingTextView, shortened to make the point clear with less code. It’s a collection of block-based event handlers in a little class:

public class Delegates {
public var textViewDidBeginEditing: (NextGrowingTextView) -> Void
public var textViewDidEndEditing: (NextGrowingTextView) -> Void
public var textViewDidChange: (NextGrowingTextView) -> Void

public var willChangeHeight: (CGFloat) -> Void
public var didChangeHeight: (CGFloat) -> Void

So there’s a bunch of traditional delegate callbacks — only they are not defined as protocol requirements but as properties of an otherwise state-less type.

You use it like this:

let growingTextView: NextGrowingTextView

growingTextView.delegates.textViewDidChange = { (growingTextView: NextGrowingTextView) in
// Do something

Many views I write have less than 5 event callbacks. But if you write a complex component with many interactions or lots of decision-making, then it might be a good idea to wrap these up in a Delegates sub-type:

class BananaComponent: UIView {
// ...
let delegates = Delegates()

class Delegates {
// Favor "no-op" defaults over optionals
var bananaComponentDidShow: (BananaComponent) -> Void = { _ in }

via Worklog of Christian Tietze

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