My competition was on Shark Tank and, frankly, it doesn’t matter
Rob Sobers

When I read that a competitor to Rob’s app was funded, my gut reaction was “Oh, 💩.”

But he has a point: if someone manages to raise funds of that scale, well, then there really is a market for Rob’s software. Now he doesn’t have to worry about product-market-fit and can focus on reaching more people instead.

I hope Rob succeeds with his humble goals. I don’t believe in centralization, so I’m a natural skeptic when it comes to big money trying to take over everything. The investors of Rob’s competitor are now their number 1 priority. Rob cares about his customers first and foremost, and it’ll stay this way.

I’d always favor the indie over a big corp. Maybe all Rob needs now is some kicking in the butt to make his 4 years of dedication pay off.

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