Powerful Graphic Design Writing

Think Less Design Better serves as a good example of how to write a powerful piece about graphic design.

The article Think Less. Design Better is a good example of powerful writing. First off the article is well suited for its intended audience of graphic designer. The author consistently used terms and vocabulary that are common in the world of graphic design but did not overload the reader with too many terms making it readable for someone who is not into graphic design. There may be a few terms that will go over the heads of some non-graphic designers but they will still be able to get the general gist of the article.

Another reason why this article is a good example of powerful writing is how the article develops. The article is broken up into five sections and the transition between each section is smooth. The article starts off complicated but as you go from section to section the article becomes less complex and easier to understand. The author saved his best section for last as he ends the article with a powerful reminder that its ok to think inside the box rather than outside of it.