An Attempt To Predict The Future of Our Planet Earth

I have long been wondering ever since I was a kid, what does our future hold? What’s going to happen on Earth to the human race and all living things? Are we the one who will conquer other planets or aliens will come conquer us?

With all the things that happening around the world, war, famine, extinction, over-population, I couldn’t imagine the future for our kind will be good. The modern human species, like any other species, reproduce to ensure the survival of their own species. However, our numbers have gone way out of control. With higher population, life becomes harder and more species will extinct to make space for our species. If we don’t keep our population under control, sooner or later, nature will take course, and when that time comes, the living wished that they were never born.

Oxygen Will No Longer Be Free, We Will Have to Wear Masks or In the Most Extreme Cases, Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen as of today is still free, we don’t have to pay for it, and we often took for granted that the oxygen we breath is actually produced by nature. Due to human activities and population, our atmosphere’s carbon levels just keep on rising. It’s not just the carbon levels, factories and many things we depended on our daily lives such as cars, produce toxic gas. Our activities will eventually render our atmosphere’s air too toxic to sustain life or in most extreme cases, deplete our oxygen. Some evil businessman will then take advantage of this “opportunity” to profit from it. What happens then is that the poor who couldn’t afford their own supply of oxygen will not be able to survive or are forced to depend on donation and relief efforts. A massive species extinction is most likely to take place.

Outdoor is No Longer Safe

Due to climate change and global warming, our earth’s temperature is rising and last year (2015) is ranked #1 warmest year since 1880 (src: NOAA). Due to the heat, we no longer able to stay outdoors for too long, or else we will get heat exhaustion, headache etc.. As always, we adapt to the change and invent something to protect us from it, without considering the damage that it will do to the environment. Most likely, we will build something that simulate outdoor activities, but it’s indoor, with air-conditioner and cover large areas. However, these buildings will further damage natural habitats and the ozone layer. Without the ozone layer, we are exposed to more radiation from the sun, which is bad for us if excessive and causes outdoor more dangerous.

Most Species Will Most Likely Extinct

I’ve actually thought that some new species will emerge due to natural selection, but on second thought, our most devastating damages are mostly due to chemicals, toxic or radiation, not as simple as extreme heat or extreme pressure, which most species aren’t able to survive, so, they are most likely to go extinct not evolve. There are exceptions though, conservation efforts by NGOs, will slow down extinction but will not be able to prevent it because the root cause lie in over population of our species, species that has some form of relationship with humans will not be extinct, such as farm animals and domestic pets.

Military Powers Capable to Wipe Out All Lives on Earth

We already have nuclear weapons, capable of wiping out an entire city or countries the size of Singapore. The “Tsar Bomb” created by the USSR, rated 100 megaton, can flatten 73.7km radius (src: nukemap). The U.S. and Russia holds the most powerful military in the whole world, but they have long history of tension until today, though they are able to co-operate sometimes on global issues, but from my point of view, it’s more like a ticking time bomb. I couldn’t imagine 2 countries with most nuclear weapons engage in a nuclear war. Yet, they are still trying to build more powerful weapons, and theoretically, nuclear aren’t the most devastating weapon yet, there is still antimatter weapons, which in theory more powerful than nuclear, luckily, it’s more expensive than nuclear.

“The human failing I would most like to correct is aggression. It may have had survival advantage in caveman days, to get more food, territory or partner with whom to reproduce, but now it threatens to destroy us all.” — Stephen Hawking
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