I have been reluctant to use the term “rape culture” because it felt too strong a term for…
Lorri Lewis

Should guys act like jerks, etc.? Nope. No argument there. BUT — -how many sixteen-year-olds (who all pretty much look like adults already anyway) do you see every day that look and act like — sorry — little hoes? I’ve picked up my sixteen year old son from school functions a few times this year — SCHOOL functions, mind you — and I can’t count the number of “young ladies” coming out of the school that would have looked at home on a Vegas street corner. Talk about “cultures” — we have a culture that’s decided it’s fine for little Susie to parade her goods in, basically, colored Saran wrap — and again, these are adult-level goods — and then tell the males that they’re not allowed to notice, or if they do, not to say anything, and God help them if they happen to touch anything. If women — and, by extension, their daughters — want respect, then they need to comport themselves in such a way as to deserve it, because sorry, Ladies, you do NOT deserve respect simply by having been born with an XX chromosome. Walking around with practically nothing left to the imagination is NOT “inflating your beauty” or what the &^$^ ever. It’s evincing a lack of class and self-respect.

And as an addendum, keep in mind that, while you think it heinous that men actually notice a pair of mammaries on a teenager — who, by the way, can legally marry in several US states, and probably would ALREADY be married in several countries — as if a sixteen year old is as innocent and pure as the wind-driven snow (which she may be, who knows) — we live in a nation in which many would have you believe that it’s fine and dandy for that selfsame teenybopper to have an abortion without parental consent, and that she’s mature enough at sixteen to decide that, hey-presto! she’s a boy, again without telling Mom and Dad. I don’t know where you come down on these issues, but it can’t be had both ways. This being a “celebrity mom”, I’m willing to bet that Daughter Dearest wasn’t attired in a way that de-emphasized her endowment, because why would she do that? Care to take bets on how much she’ll use that “walking pair of boobs” to get what she wants? Everything — EVERYTHING — is two-sided, and to com e out and say, “Men, there’s a problem,” is disingenuous at best.

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