Reproductive sovereignty?
Son of Roxie

Abortion has no perfect answer. If you are against abortion because of the fetus, great! I see your extremely valid point. But, eliminating abortion means you’re ok with forcing women to do something incredibly dangerous, damaging and expensive. Not just to her, but to society as a whole.

HRC gave a speech about abortion that resonated with me. The gist was: Safe. Legal. Never.

You want to get rid of abortions? Me too. But not through law.

Promote sex education. Shine a brilliant light and eliminate the stigmas associated with actual sex and reproduction.

Fix our economy so that (once again) a parent can work a single job and support a family. Strengthen child-support enforcement. Provide safe, inexpensive child care.

The way to eliminate abortion without hurting women isn’t by making it illegal. It’s through education and support for women and families.

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