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Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat

Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies.

Come on guys and gals, that’s the basis of our justice system. Innocent until proven guilty.

It’s infinitely easier to prove that something is than that something isn’t.

Asking the doubter to prove that something isn’t is the chief argument of many religious people. When an agnostic or atheist expresses doubt in the existence of a god or invisible “higher power”, the believer will come back with “prove that he doesn’t exist”, as if that validates the existence.

This actually goes beyond what cub reporters learn or what the average high school student ought to have learned in debate club. However, the problem may not be in the creation of “National Enquirer” news stories but rather in what is missing in the thought processes of those who willingly accept fairy tales as fact without demanding that those tales be backed by demonstrable information.

When did the recipient miss out on critical thinking?

To those who happily reply that this platform participates in such fact-bending, well, at least they are looking at alternative sources of information, perhaps to confirm information from their own sources, though, as usual, the accusations are not backed up by demonstration of fact. I animate any of them to point out any falsehood on ThinkProgress and demonstrate from reliable, demonstrable sources that such is a falsehood, instead of simply saying that this or that is not true. That simply does not prove anything.

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