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“Trust, but verify.”

Comet Ping Pong (link 1; link 1; and in fairness: link 3)

“Until Pizzagate is proven false, it’ll remain a story,” he tweeted.

(that one is actually in the article)

(also backed up in the article:)

“But even when journalists oblige by debunking conspiracies like PizzaGate, their work is dismissed as biased drivel from a media that’s in cahoots with the liberal elitist cabal.”

Mr Peck has bothered to include several links to material that supports his words here. It is on the backs of those claiming that he is creating false news to demonstrate such:

— first by indicating exactly what news in the article is false
 — second by providing reliable sources that demonstrate the non-false equivalent

Otherwise, they are simply calling out “liar, liar, pants on fire!” Can’t be accepted, shouldn’t be accepted, just as untrue news ought not to be accepted on face value.

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