Functions: Teaching Ideas + Tips

I finally understand what “slack me the repository” means. What a milestone, haha. Today was fun. I got a few new teaching ideas and tips moving forward.

Every day of class feels like 3 days worth of classes. We did cover a lot of ground, and one of the many “aha” moments came when discussing functions. Functions are an important aspect of javascript because they help organize and make code “functional” or purposeful. Christie did say that all code essentially should be part of a function to be eventually evoked in the program. Having taught students the vocabulary and syntax of javascript in the context of building games, this makes a lot of sense. As a user of javascript progresses in building code, it is imperative that every line has a “function” that can be manipulated or called on (evoked).

Here’s what a function looks like:

function __name__ (_parameters_) {



To be evoked:

_name_( _arguments_);

The arguments are the values assigned when the function is evoked that are passed up to the function and becomes the parameter values. Parameters are values that are required to execute a function.

Teaching Ideas:

Doing all the devLeague exercises were beneficial to me. I was able to identify the patterns in the functions and was inspired to think of manipulatives that I could use when teaching javascript. It would definitely take a lot of time and thought, but I think it would be fun.


When working with functions, don’t forget: 1) return statements, 2) arguments when invoking. **Challenges: I was getting confused with the different functions and making sure the arguments were being listed when invoking them. I also found out that you cannot store a return statement value into a variable.

Lastly, I am really looking forward to getting some help on the button project we were assigned. I feel embarrassed that as a coding teacher I cannot figure it out. I was able to do mostly everything but figure out the expression for incrementing values in a function. I even googled several resources and tried every combination of lines and ordering the lines I could find. I look forward to posting my solution tomorrow.

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