• Deep thoughts; Part 1

We all act like everything is okay, we act like everything is okay because we are afraid of what others will think of us. We are afraid of how others will see us. Every person I’ve talked to I have held it in and acted like everything was okay, because I didn’t want to scare them away. But I realized something. We all have pain, we all have something in our mind that bothers us, & when I figured that out, that’s when I started becoming more free to what I was doing. I started doing what I wanted instead of what I thought was right & that’s how I found myself. I found myself to be a man, I am a man who may not have the best childhood growing up but I am a man who has learned from everything single obstacle so far in life & grew from it. I don’t know about you guys but there’s no way my future kids will have a life like I did growing up. I don’t want them to ever feel as confused as I felt as a kid. & never EVER will they question what love is, because as soon as I find out what it is I’ll apply that to everything I do with them, they’ll never question if they will be alone. Be yourself, be different. Understand everything thrown at you & grow from it.

We got this.

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