The artist Seo-Jeong Hyeon wants to bring us luck and happiness through her paintings with babidiba NFT.

“Innocence of Childhood Expressed in Primary Colors

If you look back on my art works, you can see that flowers and simplified objects are expressed in splendid colors of primary colors.

For me…

Written by Alex Lim (COO)

NFT Marketplace — babidiba

Artists put all their efforts into perfecting artworks. Even when not painting right away, not taking photos, or not creating three-dimensional shapes, artists still spend all day thinking about the philosophy for their artworks. Such a thinking process clones part of the artist’s ego into…

KRDI (Korea Resort Development Institute, Hyunseek JIN as CEO) and CTPL (Cultiplan, Seongjun LIM, Jeacheol Jeon as CEO) are actively implanting NFT & Metaverse contents into the theme resort business of ‘Sun Island,’ located in the beautiful Dadohaehaesang National Park.

CTPL has already listed CTPL Coin on Bittrex, a major global exchange. babidiba, a NFT E-Marketplace developed by CTPL, introduces diverse services to the world through systematic planning and development. Partnering with ‘Sun Island’ resort, CTPL aims to build up a real ‘Metaverse’ that is supported by such real assets as property.

CTPL Empire is expected to rapidly dominate the global market by implanting blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse with the real economy in ‘culture & travel’.

This User Guide for ‘babidiba’ aims to familiarize users with diverse services from sign-up for membership to NFT trade in the NFT marketplace.

babidiba will continue to improve functions for user convenience, add services for overall entertainment, apply more reliable security tech, upgrade online/offline payment functions and cutting-edge financial tech…

CTPL Cultiplan

'babidiba' NFT platform of Cultiplan will continue to strengthen its functions and create a real “Entertainment, Culture & Travel” ecosystem.

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