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3 min readDec 14, 2021

This User Guide for ‘babidiba’ aims to familiarize users with diverse services from sign-up for membership to NFT trade in the NFT marketplace.

babidiba will continue to improve functions for user convenience, add services for overall entertainment, apply more reliable security tech, upgrade online/offline payment functions and cutting-edge financial tech, etc.

Therefore, this User Guide will keep updating.

Use Website

babidiba website can be accessed through Chrome (optimized), Safari, or Explorer browsers on PC or mobile.

Use App

For Android phones (Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.): Search ‘babidiba’ in English on Google Play Store and install the App
For iOS phone (iphone): The App babidiba is now in review.

Join (Sign Up for Membership)

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Charge Coins for diba

You can top up your diba with BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) and CTPL (Cultiplan) Coins.
diba is a point token for purchasing babidiba NFTs.

• More reliable coins will be added in the future.
• The charging process will keep improving in convenience and tech.
• babidiba is developing institutionally and systematically to cash out diba in coins or won.

Charge diba by depositing BTC from your personal wallet to babidiba

Charge diba by depositing BTC into babidiba on a crypto exchange

Buy babidiba NFT

Sell babidiba NFTs in My Item

Inquiry (Support)

After logging in to babidiba, you can send an inquiry (support) message to us.
If you cannot send a message, please check the spacing of your email.

[ Contents for Inquiry ]
•Request for normalization due to service error
•Request for improvement
•Other methods of recharging diba except with coins
•How to use NFT
•Register artist’s NFT
•service partnership

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