How I Used & Abused My Tesla — What a Tesla looks like after 100,000 Miles, a 48 State Road trip…
Steve Sasman

Thanks for writing this up. Really interesting read. If a car can pay for itself, don’t you think the supply for cheap rides will skyrocket and you eventually won’t be able to earn more than running costs? Just imagine every Taxi company immediately buying more of these magic money making cars. This autonomous car story is (probably) the same vision Uber kept telling its investors: that in X years they will have autonomous cars. One problem may be that they will never be able to compete with Tesla directly as they don’t make these cars themselves. Tesla will have a global charging and car distribution service ready to use and will be able to put as many cars on the road as they want. They’ll still sell them for years to come, but eventually it would make a lot of sense for them to also rent them on demand. No other car manufacturer invests as aggressively into their own power (or gasoline) supply network. Ok, maybe they don’t want to deal with customer service and car maintenance beyond the sales point, but if every tesla runs like yours, I don’t see why not :)

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