If a plant has been used as medicine for thousands of years, there must be something to it. The first evidence of a civilization using marijuana, alternatively known as cannabis, goes back more than 5,000 years[1], and its first confirmed medicinal use dates back to around 400 AD[1]. While we should be careful of the downsides of marijuana, we also shouldn’t neglect its benefits, in particular those related to pain.

Pain is the evolutionary reflex that stops us from hurting ourselves, that tells us when something is wrong with our bodies. Pain is useful, a fact that is most obvious…

We can send people to the Moon and back, but we can’t find a cure for a simple cold. We can order an Uber to our doorstep in a few minutes, but we can’t figure out whether eggs raise the risk of heart disease or not[1]. We can fly from New York to London in seven hours, but most cancer drugs are largely ineffective[2].

It might come as a surprise to the layman, but the human body is still a scientific enigma. …

The world’s oceans play an indispensable role in maintaining life on Earth. They provide us with almost 80% of the oxygen we breathe[1], are home to countless thousands of species, and are the source of 97% of the world’s water supply.

From our distant vantage point on land, it’s perhaps somewhat too easy to forget just how important the oceans are to us, not to mention the impact that human activity has on marine ecosystems in particular and global ecosystems in general.

However, the gradual pollution of the world’s oceans — that too at an accelerating rate — is pushing…

We are in the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but its impact has already been far-reaching.

The impact of technology is particularly profound in the healthcare sector.

Medical Technology (MedTech), for example, promises to democratize access to quality healthcare.

According to a study conducted by The Lancet [1], disparities in access to medical assistance around the globe is evidenced by 8.6 million deaths a year in low to middle-income countries (which make up the majority of the world or 134 countries).

Sadly, these deaths resulted from treatable conditions.

They would still be among us if they had access…


Even superheroes need to recharge.

That’s the banner on Ōura’s website and their message is that everyone can benefit from wearing their Ōura Ring.

And it’s not just superheroes — even Prince Harry was seen wearing one on his trip to Australia in October of 2018.

What is Ōura?

Ōura is one of the first companies to be identified as suitable for our Conscious Capital Fund (CCF) portfolio.

The stated mission of the creators of the Ōura Ring is to help people unleash their full potential, and that’s what resonates with the CCF founders.

We’re investing in companies whose purpose is aligned with…

CTR Capital

Financial capital that is raised, built, managed, and deployed strategically, for the purpose of raising human consciousness.

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