New Partnership Agreement between CTR and FBF

CTR Group
CTR Group
Mar 4 · 2 min read

We are glad to share some essential information and bring you the first results. On Pre-Sale stage as a result of difficult negotiations with the FBF group (First Blockchain Fund) was signed a very important agreement about financial support and partnership. This agreement introduces the CTR in the FBF structure and empowers the FBF with the authority of the managing partner and venture investor.

CTR and FBF are signing partnership agreement

This collaboration will allow the CTR team focus on the technical development of the site CTRU (Capacity Transfer Radio Unit) and start laboratory modeling.

The rapid development of technology makes telecom extremely capital-intensive business and, therefore, timely support and understanding by the partner of the development prospects in the business industry are highly important. Telecom is one of the most optimistic industries. Optimism is the driver of the development of the world.

The main goal of attracting venture financing is the opening of serial production, improvement of existing technical parameters, conducting and obtaining certificates from independent tests to meet all accepted international quality standards.

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