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Electric vehicles are becoming pretty commonplace, so much so that you probably hardly pay attention when a Tesla or other electric car pulls up next to you at a stoplight anymore. Now imagine the same thing, but with the airplane next to yours, at your local airport.

Flying on an electric-powered airplane is getting pretty close to reality. In fact, at the recently concluded Paris Air Show, a US airline actually placed the very first order for electric powered planes. It’s a commuter airline, named Cape Air, which provides short haul flights, principally in Boston and St. …

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Your country is falling behind in alternative energy technology. Your best companies run the risk of being left in the dust by fleet-footed foreign competition. It isn’t that your government is filled with climate science deniers. What’s your solution?

A classic one, especially favored by liberals and progressives, is called industrial policy. It’s the idea of getting government to intervene, providing much-needed support to a flagging domestic industry, and/or directing investment towards promising new technologies and companies expected to be winners in the future.

Conservatives generally oppose industrial policy, but have been known to accept it when seemingly convenient.


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The “Unexpected Perspective” has advanced the idea that if we really want to solve the problem of greenhouse gases, rather than rely upon governmental entities to find the answer, we should do two things: 1) look to universities, other research institutions, and the private sector for solutions; and 2) look to create a portfolio of solutions, not a single “magic bullet”. Yes, governments could play an important role, but mainly by creating policies that foster innovation in the private sector.

This week I offer three more companies that are demonstrating these two points. While the three companies are in widely…

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In all of the discussion about greenhouse gases, the fact that certain gases are far more dangerous than others is often overlooked. Methane (CH4), in particular, is far more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2). Few realize that methane warms the atmosphere as much as 84 times more than CO2 over a 20 year period. Given this disparity, researchers have been looking for ways to mitigate the methane problem. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is very important, but methane may be even more important.

The chemistry of getting rid of methane is well understood. All that’s necessary is to combine one molecule…

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There’s a very good chance that you and your family have enjoyed the pleasure of a theme park. Maybe it was DisneyWorld or DisneyLand, or possibly Universal Studios, or somewhere else. Did you ever wonder about who dreamed up the idea of a theme park?

It was Walt Disney back around 1955. What’s particularly interesting is how he came up with the idea. …

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What happens when you combine the musings of physicist Richard Feynman, carbon nanotube technology, and a seed accelerator looking for the next big deal? How about a company that creates a technology to recycle the waste CO2 produced by your automobile as it cruises down the road at 65 miles an hour?

Science fiction you say? Not quite, because such a technology is actually under development, and it is based upon the three ingredients described above. The company is called Prometheus, named after the Greek Titan who defied the gods, stole fire and gave it to humanity. …

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Want to solve the greenhouse gas problem and stop climate change dead in its tracks? Nature has shown us a terrific way to do it. It’s just that we haven’t figured out a practical way to copy the natural process. It’s called fusion power. All you have to do is walk outdoors and feel the warmth of the Sun to experience it. Nuclear fusion is the way the Sun — as well as all the trillions of other stars in the Universe — generate clean energy with zero use of fossil fuels and zero greenhouse gases.

If fusion power can…

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You’ve probably heard that how you spend and save your money speaks much more loudly than the words that come out of your mouth. I think you can say the same thing about current US President Donald Trump. Most everyone already knows that President Trump loves to make his opinions known. However, set aside the rhetorical bombast for a moment and look at how he and his Administration believe we should spend your tax dollars.

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Sometimes the secret to success and failure is something as small and seemingly insignificant as the nail in a horse’s shoe. It’s been argued that King Richard III and his army were defeated in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth because of a faulty horseshoe nail. That defeat had significant future consequences. One writer said,

“Amazing when you reflect on it. Without this victory for the Tudors, the whole of British history could have been different. …

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Here’s a little riddle for you: what do William “Hootie” Johnson, Tim Finchem, and President Donald Trump have in common besides a love of golf?

You’re certainly familiar with the US President, but are certainly forgiven if you don’t recall Finchem and Johnson, so let me re-introduce them to you.

Tim Finchem is a lawyer who was the head of the Professional Golfers Association from 1994 to 2016. By all accounts I’ve seen, he did a very good job leading the organization. The one “asterisk” in an otherwise distinguished career involved a professional golfer named Casey Martin. About 20 years…

Carl Treleaven

An entrepreneur and angel investor based in St. Petersburg, FL, Carl’s the author of “The Unexpected Perspective”, a different take on Christianity and science.

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