How the Product Hunt community drove 1 million clicks in 10 days for

Colin Treseler
Dec 14, 2015 · 3 min read

TL;DR Focus on conversations and you’ll reap the rewards of launching on Product Hunt.

Launch Day #1

On December 2nd, we launched on Product Hunt. It was a pretty average Wednesday and we were buried in the upcoming section of the site. It seemed like no matter how many upvotes we could muster, playing in tier 2 was going to be how it played out.

So you focus on what you can change, and I began to thank everyone who commented or gave us an upvote on Twitter. I ended up having several great conversations — including one with Niv Dror, who after checking us out, asked if we would like to be featured the following day. To my shock, I hadn’t yet realized that he was on the Product Hunt team. “Wow, yes!” I responded and excitedly drew up a list of things to do before the big day. Then I realized that the list had already been done and now it was just more server monitoring and tweeting.

Launch Day #2

12:01 AM PST and up it went. Because we happen to have offices in Stockholm and California — we rallied the Swedish media who was up for the day and looking for fun things to do. Some have argued that having an awake market the minute you get featured is a competitive advantage. Who knows, but what a difference being featured makes!

2:00 AM PST Swedish press Digital_SE leads the charge and does a quick writeup.

8:30 AM PST 50 upvotes from friends who signed up in Sweden. Damn, we are in 2nd place on upvotes to a thing that tells me how often I should drink my water. Can’t we beat the water timer?

9:00 AM PST @tweets_amanda (writer at TheNextWeb) signs up and messages us via Intercom that she is interested in writing a piece. Could we send the press release?

9:02 AM PST writing a press release and having our friend and beta tester Alexander Horré set us up at Mynewsdesk for hosting the press release.

10:00 AM PST @thenextweb posts an article about AppAction, enticing users to “up their Instagram game with AppAction.”

12:00 PM PST and we’ve seen 1,000 signups to AppAction. Tier 2 tech media outlets have picked up and will continue to cover AppAction for the next few days.

Let the good times roll!

Clicks on AppAction Links by day


Over the following 9 days, we watched as brand after brand, small business after small business signed up and passed the Ah-ha moment with us, all because of conversations that were started and driven by being featured on Product Hunt. We are now over 2,000 users strong, and our links have shown our users’ posts over 20 million times. Thank you Product Hunt for initiating so many wonderful conversations!

About AppAction

We’ve built a better way to share your Instagram posts on social media. We automatically post links to your Instagram posts that when clicked, open up inside Instagram. We provide analytics and engagement tracking on all our AppAction links.

Check us out here: or

Thanks to Fabian Perez

Colin Treseler

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Co-Founder at, a better way to share your Instagram posts on social media.

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