Entrepreneurs, time has come to reveal your talents

With Brokl, you will discover how to spot within the social networks the right people to help grow your business.

Do the new techs add to the actual job crisis or can they be the antidote ?

If technology pushes us to invent new working spaces, new forms of management, new values for work, then how to redesign our functioning in this digital society ?

The tech tools assimilated by the new generation of digi-workers provide them with autonomy, flexibility, permitting to be multi-active and mobile. They often disrupt centralized organizations and fuel the rise of flexible work teams or even entrepreneurship, in the form of individual as well as extended enterprises. These new structures know how to take advantage of the digital transforming and are one of the valid answers to the actual crisis.

However they need to be permanently connected to a pool of qualified precious human resources and the entrepreneurs will be tempted, for this, to put their social networks at use.

Now the social media do what they stand for: Twitter Twits, Facebook socializes, Linkedin links, Classmates grubs in the past, Gmail does the correspondence.. but for the use as a human resource information system it gives incomplete, fragmented information.

Nevertheless the information about skills, shared interests and values does exist in these networks since we spend hours feeding them, telling who we are, our background, what we’re good at, what we like or not, who we want to be linked to or not, we post articles on what we find important.

So to spot within the social networks the ideal people to help on a subject, the missing part is a way to merge all this information coming from different sources in order to analyze it on new business opportunities.

This exactly is the specialty of Brokl. Brokl applies text-mining technology and specific algorithms ranking the people closest to the user with the right skills, sharing the same interests and values.

Brokl is free of charge for the early adopters, as an everyday support to expand your business.


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Originally published at blog.brokl.com.

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