How to use the strength of your friends to develop your business

Sharon works in a law firm. As all lawyers, she develops in parallel her personal clientele. This is not easy when you have day and night your mind full with complex cases.

Sharon wants to reach a younger target by being more visible in social networks and publicize her expertise in Intellectual Property Law.

To get this done Sharon needs to find some help as she’s no expert in the use of social platforms.

The first skill required is online marketing expertise but where to find this, who can she trust ?

Using BROKL to spot these talents is for Sharon the best to discover the skills and the proximity of all her contacts from their social activity.

BROKL relies on social networks so she starts by importing her Linkedin connections, Twitter and Google+ friends.

By linking to Brokl your social networks the application will gather information about your contacts

To promote herself as a lawyer she first needs to communicate

To start her communication department Sharon initiates a “Board” where she seeks for the specific talents needed: communication, graphic designer, community manager, social networks.

Brokl spots the skills you need in your social networks.

Out of her board she selected 6 people. She prepared a brief of her needs and the questions she would ask each of them.

For each person she writes a quick note on the most efficient way to get in contact:

Sharon decides to call one person a day. Each call forges her convictions and gives her new leads and the energy to move forward.

  • Tristan advised her to tweet an article with comments every week
  • Aude reviewed her Facebook photo and description
  • Emilie found her forums where her expertise is needed
  • Côme opened doors to several business incubators

A week later, her Facebook page was reviewed: new photo, introduction, link to a professional landing page. Her Twitter account is fed with commented tweets on items related to her domain of expertise.

Thank you pals, thank you BROKL!

Like Sharon, create your free account. It’s free of charge for the early adopters:


Feel free to join us ! Start Brokling

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