So you think that A Wider Bridge should have “researched better” and then what?
Melanie Nathan

Melanie, it’s clear we are not going to agree, but I’m hoping for mutual respect as opposed to mutual antagonism. Since we don’t know each other, we might want to start things out assuming good intentions from one another.

I think A Wider Bridge should have better understood what it was getting itself into, especially having invited JOH. And I think it should have insisted to the Task Force that there be peacekeepers and a better location in the hotel. At the same time, the TF should have been working with the protest leaders to set parameters for the protest so the attendees of the reception could be safe. That’s my perspective. I know yours differs.

I would hug any old Jewish man. :) And just so you know I hugged Tom Canning of JOH long and hard the next morning. He deserved it. His PTSD was retriggered and he and Sarah were set up by everyone.

I agree that the protesters were under-educated by their organizers and that the entire scenario created an environment for anti-Semitism to rear its ugly head. I know a young man was called a “kike” and the “river to the sea” chant is inexcusable.

I think where we differ, Melanie, is that I see everyone’s responsibilities here.

I appreciate you engaging with me on this.

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