By Aman Chandra, Student, Ctrl Alt Cinema 2018

First of all, my name is Aman Chandra. I am from Patna, Bihar and I did a B.Tech in Industrial & Production Engineering from Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. And those are the only two cities I have lived in. I graduated in May 2018 and in June 2018, I attended the Ctrl Alt Cinema course.

Let me begin by saying that this has been the most educative course I had ever attended till date, of any subject. Before coming to Ctrl Alt Cinema, all my film knowledge was from internet, youtube…

Actuality Exercise By Nabila Khan - Student, Ctrl Alt Cinema 2017.

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1st video

The anticipating mind moves the hands that holds two rocks, Smashing and rubbing the rocks on to each other, My alluring fantasies of that what this friction will make, creates electricity in my body that escape from the finger tips like currents that spark, Spark the fire, The fire that scares the monsters away.

2nd video

And from the ground it rose, ceaselessly spreading wherever it sensed, devouring all that came it’s way, It’s feeds on air and the air pulls it’s tips higher…

Storyboard by Harmeet Rattan, Student, Ctrl Alt Cinema 2017

As a part of the course, students of Ctrl Alt Cinema made short films, as a group exercise. The theme was to stick to one location, and explore the space with action and movements, sound, and no music. The students were instructed to develop their narratives accordingly.

The following is a film by Harmeet Rattan, Raj Jariwala, Mrudula Kunatharaju, Uddhav Srivilasan, and Divyajot Joshi.

By Sandeep Chatterjee, Curator, Ctrl Alt Cinema

Satyajit Ray

“Why can’t I connect to Feluda anymore” is a question that has been nagging me for quite sometime now.

I still remember how my brother and me used to eagerly wait for the newspaperman to deliver “Anandamela” or “ Sandesh” (2 popular Bengali literary magazines for children in 70’s & 80’s) where the Feluda stories used to appear as a series every month during the years when we grew up in Kolkata.

The urge or need to connect to Feluda has slowly melted into a distant past and I can only connect to…

Actuality Exercise by Ankit Tiwari, Student, Ctrl Alt Cinema 2017

Picture taken by Ankit Tiwari at Kaladham

दोपहर की कड़कड़ाती धूप में परिंदों की चहचहाहट के मध्यस्थ; कुछ मजदूर औजार और झोला लिए छांव की तलाश में घने नीम तले आ रूके; लंबी सांस लेते हुए अपने औजार फर्श पर रख; माथे का पसीना पोछे जमीन पर बैठे ही थे कि पास की मस्जिद में अजान शुरू हुई; अल्लाह ताला को याद कर डब्बे खुले तो किस की रोटी किस की तरकारी………सारे एक ही थाली के कटोरे हो गए |

नीले बंडी वाले लौंडे की नजर पास खड़े काले भूरे कुत्तों पर गई तो उनके मुख से…

Actuality Exercise by Payal Arya, Student, Ctrl Alt Cinema 2017

Looking in through the bars, there is no way of stepping in. The rays of the sun traverse casting a long shadow with a single silhouette on the floor. There is sound at a distance, engulfing the moment and the emptiness of the house. It is more constructed than the other houses surrounding it. But it looks different in the interior, there are no stairs or levels.

Just an empty rectangular space with multiple windows.

The experience of time in the room is only through the shadows that enter the…

By Aranya Sahay, Student, Ctrl Alt Cinema 2017

Director of MIRGI (Shortfilm)

I once came across this YouTube video titled ‘Perspectives: A conversation with Rohail Hyatt’. Rohail Hyatt happens to be the founder of Coke Studio Pakistan. In this talk, he spoke about an encounter he had with an ‘Ustad’ he chose not to name. While practicing for a show in Lahore, Rohail felt like the ‘Ustad’ was singing a little off the key that he was playing the keys in. On being asked the same, the Ustad smiled and replied “Son your ears aren’t as well trained. Don’t play…

Ctrl Alt Cinema

An Intensive Course on the Art of Cinema. We have a purpose not a syllabus.

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