How technological leaps created new genres, and where AI could lead.

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Photo by Patryk Grądys on Unsplash

While scanning your favourite music provider’s catalogue, it’s easy to take for granted the extensive variety of music freely available. In sixty short years music has undergone a thorough evolution, producing ranges of genres, sub-genres and sub-cultures. How cutting edge music technology has given rise to new genres is particularly fascinating for producers and composers alike. When you throw Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the mix, which is already revolutionising every industry across the board, it’s certainly within the realms of possibility that another new genre may be on the…

My experience building an audio package and toolkit for Unity Playground to help junior developers create immersive audio.

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My game-level. It sounds better than it looks!

Recently the cross-platform game engine Unity released Unity Playground, a collection of scripts and assets empowering users to create small, simple games without any prior coding knowledge. If you haven’t already, check it out — it’s exciting for newcomers, as well as a fun little exercise for those with more than a few late-night coding sessions behind them.

As a sound designer for games and interactive media, I’ve had to learn basic coding skills to implement my ideas and systems in games…

Christian Tronhjem

Sound designer, producer and composer with special interest in adaptive audio.

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