President Elect: Donald Trump

My thoughts on the new President are… ecstatic! I could not be happier. I was voting for him since day one because of two things; one is that he is a businessman and America needs jobs right now, and two is that he is not a politician which is good because we need someone who hasn’t been corrupt in government work before or who will lie to get ahead. I think that Donald Trump will make a great president and hopefully he will “make America great again.”

Now my thoughts on the biggest loser of 2016, Hillary Clinton. I think that she is, as the wise man once said, a “nasty woman.” Hearing about her control in the white house, all of the lies and scandals in her life, and her terrible choices in decisions such as the incident in Benghazi. She has shown countless times that she cannot be trusted and that might be why she lost the presidency.

Some of my hopes for America as a country are as follows; 1. We need to grow a stronger economy and have more jobs. 2. We need to keep a strong military and keep progressing it forward, especially in this time of terrorism and high tensions between countries. 3. We need to keep the rights of our people,put in action by our founding fathers, intact.

This has been my observations of this year’s election and my thoughts on it.

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