College Concerns

An education at an institution known for its education seems awesome is theory, right? Well it’s a little concerning in reality.

Apart from the nearly crippling debt you’ll potentially be crushed under (if you’re not rich, athletic, or a genius), the unnecessary amount of money you’ll spend on base things such as books that contain information that any credible website could hold (much like a ‘Biology’ book my sister had to purchase for over a hundred dollars that contained only pictures of animals), and all the hours put into assignments that usually end up with bare minimum content to just get by because you still like being human — it seems like a good time.

What worries me most is that when I get to a certain point down my path of my planned Chemical Engineering major, is that I’ll decide I want to do something completely different, and I’ve already worked so hard to get where I am and don’t want to spend even MORE time and money to do it all over again. Much like the Bush administration, in some cases it does more harm than good. Even if you do manage to slog your way through an anthropology major, what demand is there for that? As well as a decently high pay check if you do get the job? Both barely exist nowadays.

On a brighter note though, living on campus is almost a privilege given by the college. In my eyes, it’s almost a requirement to live on campus for at least a semester, just to get the experience. One of the only things I am exited for is primarily this.

A good way to use cheat-sies for college is applying for a College Credit Plus class during high school. It’s free college, and you can knock out a class or two before you even full-time attend a college. As part of my College Credit Plus program and a student in an English Comp. class, I can say it’s pretty handy. The only downside is the amount of work you’ll have to do on top of the already abundant amount of work assigned (thanks Common Core, you’re a burden to us all), but that’s the American way.

I believe this is all an overreaction though. College can’t be all that bad, right? Judging from all the surveys and statistics I’ve reviewed in the past months, college campuses are full of mixed opinions. So I guess the matter of debate is held in the eyes of the beholder when it comes to college life.

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