Creative Corner with Jimmy Barker

Jimmy Barker is an artist manager and owner of Unmasked Management. He looks after acts such as Iain Woods, Man & The Echo, The Milk and Prince Vaseline — amongst others. Jimmy has a background in brands and marketing, having previously worked for superpowers such as Saatchi & Saatchi, GREY and FRUKT.

Favourite album cover

Bobby Womack The Bravest Man In The Universe sleeve is special — going into record stores and seeing his face smiling at a new audience was brilliant.

Favourite music video

I would be nothing without my copy of MJ’s Moonwalker VHS.

My favourite music photograph

There’s a shot of Otis Redding looking over his shoulder — his energy and stillness captured at once. I think it was taken when he first came to Europe and obliterated the Stax/Volt stage in Norway in 1967.

The digital campaign I have seen

I came from the ad business to begin with. I’m waiting for a music digital campaign to do something new. I’ve got it with something coming up.

The most visually iconic artist ever in my opinion

Ian Dury was instrumental in punk (he was wearing safety pins in his ears way before Jonny Rotten) and the ideas of what a raspberry and pop-star could look like.

Current creative campaign I most admire

Campaigns are limited. Kanye West is removing the restrictions of that.

Favourite artist I’ve worked with creatively

All my artists are my favourites but Iain Woods needs a mention in this context — a multi-conceptual recording artist who’s directed the first trilogy of his art films for album Psychologist.

Artist I’d love to work with creatively

The Clash