Touching Trees

Do you ever just want to go outside and touch something? Something like a tree, with rough bark like corrugated iron. Or even the bricks of a building, again quite rough, plenty of texture. I don’t know if anyone else ever experiences this craving.

But like most people I spend my day looking at a computer screen, doing work, watching TV shows and so on. Unlike the day of someone who does manual work, my day doesn’t involve a great deal of rich tactile experience. A significant proportion of my daily experience is rendered on a screen or produced by speakers. I think this leaves me with a craving for something “real”.

Because our virtual experiences lack any rich tactile component, touching the bark of a tree feels more real than looking at a tree or even listening to someone speak. Experiences not available virtually feel more real.

This means that I am to some extent doubting the experiences that are also available virtually. My craving to touch a tree is a craving for certainty.

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