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Imagine you’re in charge of a game dubbed as a live service — a fancy way of saying it’s a game that people can access 24/7 (online service) with a continuing revenue model and long term planned stream of content.

You check the posts on your games’ forums and you see a few passing comments — half of them saying they’re bored, half of them saying there’s too much going on.

You get pulled into a meeting and there’s a casual mention that maybe your retention for this week is a bit lower than normal. …

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Since their inception, Pokemon Community Days have been a great retention and engagement event for players.

May 2018 in particular was one of the highest player counts since the first initial peak in 2016 (at least up until that point in time), coming in at 147 million people for that month. While there was a good host of events and announcements during this month— Battle Showdown, Adventure Week and the Alolan Exeggutor Spawn — this was also the same month of the Charmander Community Day.

Since Community Day has become a staple in the events rotation and there’s enough of a ritual built around them, it’s a good live event to revisit and update. …

When someone drops the phrase “mobile game”, it instantly conjures scoffs and rants about horrible RNG, thousands of dollars sank and the inevitable “do you have phones?” joke that’s ran it’s course by now.

But every once in a while, a game will come up in the mobile sphere that is a hidden gem. And none of these has been more promising than a game called Azur Lane, a collection game with personified ship girls. It’s a relatively new mobile game, barely out for a year and some change but it’s already making a few waves, no pun intended.

And the game industry is absolutely sleeping on it. …


Cheryl Twilleager

Former Associate Product Manager — PWI ☆ Loves JRPGs, Pokemon and MMOs ☆ Synthesizer of Game Community and Business KPIs ☆

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