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Credit Zachary Reiss-Davis

Deprioritized. Out of scope. Throw it in backlog.

Throughout my career, from leading various global initiatives at Google to serving as a product lead at SoftBank Robotics or as COO at Cafe X, every day was a non-stop series of trade-offs that needed to be made.

Do I put out this fire myself or do I use it as a teachable moment for my team? Do I take the shortcut that gives instant gratification or do I invest for future acceleration? Do I take the short-term hit to my more easily quantifiable metrics for a better chance at long-term success?

To make these decisions, I use a combination of two simple frameworks: expected value and regret minimization. …


Cynthia Yeung

Robot evangelist. Incurable wanderlust. Voracious appetite. Recovering idealist. Ex-@Google, @SBRAmerica, COO@Cafe X.

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