–Understanding Research–

Conceptual Problem

In concept, my project focuses on tools for preparing undergraduate researchers to present their work in an interdisciplinary context. Viewing an area of research as interdisciplinary enriches the scope of the project because more competing lenses can coexist with the original idea.


The definitions are categorized into the following topics:
Genreal Terms, Responsive Environments, Biomimicry, Hard Technology, Soft Technology, and User Interaction.

Project Proposals

  • What if my project focused on collecting, collaging, and integrating information from Wikipedia into your own ideas?
  • What if my project focused on physical tools to organize complex ideas?
  • What if my project focused on a physical…

A studio class dedicated to uncovering invisible systems through environmental analysis and design.

projectTwo 2.7.17–current

This project is a partner project exploring the invisible. Our assignment is to “make visible the invisible.”

After lots of sketches, brainstorming, discussion, etc. amongst all five studio members, we formed teams of two (and a single person on his own).
My partner and I are exploring emotion through physical movement. Continue below for more info.

Ideas of invisible systems and methods of visualization

This blog is devoted to a research project using screen printing to create a bike safety jacket. The project uses electroluminescent and conductive inks, with a IoT connected google maps app to provide turn signals on a biker. Follow the project for real-time updates on Instagram.

This first reflection is the end of the third week in spring semester. This semester, my budget to create a bike safety jacket has been approved. This project has been funded up to $1000 to purchase materials and tools to build a jacket that contains turn signals on each sleeve, via screen printed…

A class dedicated to learning and teaching interactions through prototyping methods.


JavaScript Animation


After Effects Workshop videos

watch for the note fall

After Effects motion tutorial

moire Speaker test

Hans Jenny’s cymatics tests inspired me to attempt recreating similar patterns using moiré patterns.

Hans Jenny Cymatics

Originally, I planned to use two sheets of screen printed glass with a transducer attached to the back sheet. Each sheet of glass would have concentric circles printed on the surface. I theorized the glass would vibrate based on tones played through the transducer, creating interference patterns.

This attempt worked slightly, but not to the effect I hoped. I decided to turn this glass piece into a “classic” framed print.

Ty Van de Zande

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