I began my education as an LEP student.
Yes on Prop 58
Maryuri Velasco

I began my education in the United States as a ELD student. In that system I was put in what would be consider the lowest level of English (ELD 1–2). I can still kind of remember who my examination about deciding in which level I should go went. At the end of the person who administer the test to me was unsure whether I should be in a higher level or not. Ultimately, she asked me what I thought. I also spent one year in this program and soon after began my all English education. It was difficult at first and I might add that I felt reclusive to get into this higher level of English. As an English-learner I understand how crucial is the instruction of English education and I feel, no, I know Proposition 58 can help many of the students of California.

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