Education is all about enhancing the students’ knowledge and adding to it. The goal is not to take away anything they know in fact we should make their skills stronger and knowing a second language is a huge skill that will help them succeed.
Types of Bilingual Education
Maria Alvarado-Mata

One would also add that educators are responsible of preserving students’ knowledge when looking at it through this concept. As you mention before there are various types to go about teaching a language. Some more effective than others and others more normal in regards to teaching techniques. Teaching languages as subjects is what most teachers are accustom to consider when taking an approach into learning. The reason being that educators are instruct to teach on these standards of subject base strategies. It is not enough to have an education system that promotes the desire results for the learning outcome. It is fundamental to have an individual behind the help who would work above and beyond — like you said — to enhance (maybe develop) and add to the foundation of students’ understanding of the world that surrounds them.

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