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El paradigma de Cloud Computing ha redefinido no solo el stack de tecnología que los proveedores utilizan para brindar soluciones, sino aún más importante, ha cambiado la experiencia del usuario frente a soluciones tecnológicas.

No perdamos nuestro enfoque aquí. Como proveedores de software o, al menos, profesionales, nos encanta la…

The Cloud Computing paradigm has redefined and changed, not only the technology stack that vendors utilize to provide solutions but most importantly how the user experiences those solutions.

Let’s not lose our focus here. As software vendors or at least practitioners, we love the idea of a simple infrastructure, easy…

2019 will be an exciting year for graphic designers. The revival of old visual trends, emergence of new tools, the development of technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and the need to communicate values and ideologies, are shaking the creative industry to its core. And, if there’s one thing history…

The use of VR has extended itself to the point of becoming a popular technology for various aspects of everyday life beyond the entertainment industry.

As we mentioned in our previous post What is virtual reality and how can it benefit my brand?, this technology is gaining ground rapidly and…

Located on a privileged spot of Punta Ballena, Museo Taller Casapueblo (Casapueblo’s museum & workshop), it’s an icon of Uruguayan culture, and it’s visited by thousand of tourists from all over the world.

Looking for the continuous improvement of their communication strategies, Casapueblo’s team decided to trust Cualit with…

We know the idea of chatbots can be a little abstract. While some robots can come up as nice and sweet, others can be freaking scary.

But the thing is, robots aren’t the way movies makes us think. They won´t start a revolution to take over the world. …

The Blockchain is one of the most promising technologies for the future.

Blockchain stores information across the network of personal computers, making them not just decentralised but distributed. This means that no central company or person owns the system, yet everyone can use it and help run it. …

Blue la Barra

Blue La Barra is an educational institution with a unique education model by “Montessori and Waldorf”. Their teaching method is based on the constructivism theory of knowledge, where students continuously learn by asking themselves questions. The integrate ecology and sports as the foundations of the learning process of each student.

The Work

FlatOut 4

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity is the latest hit of the FlatOut series, a video game about racing, cars and destruction. Available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

The Work

Strategy First asked Cualit to help them design and execute the digital marketing strategy for the FlatOut game series worldwide.[/vc_column_text]

The challenge

Execute ongoing monthly campaigns…

Virtual Reality is gaining ground step by step. Big companies such as Microsoft, Samsung or Google have already developed and commercialized several devices that can change our experience when using our devices.

According to the RAE, virtual reality is a “representation of scenes or images of objects produced by a…


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