If my life is on the line and i have to create an NBA team to which my life will depend on this will be my 10 players (note: i took into account the Chemistry, Ego, Defense, Spacing, and Heart):

C-Marc Gasol (Can Shoot 3s; Shoot freeethrows; 1DPOY; one of the best passing big man)

Pf-Ibaka (Can Shoot 3s; Shoot freethrows; can Guard the Perimeter as well as the Post; the only elite rim protector in NBA History who can shoot 39% from downtown; Probably M. Gasol is 2nd closest that is why i also got him)

Sf-Kawhi (Can shoot 3s; 2DPOYs; Perfect Beta personality to be a 2nd go to guy)

Sg-Michael Jordan (5MVPs; 1DPOY; the GOAT)

Pg-Draymond Green (Can Shoot 3s; 2017 DPOY; Can Guard 5 positions; Can Play 5 positions)


C- Olajuwon (1MVP; 2DPOY; 7th all time in Steals; the unquestioned king of Big men in the Golden age of Big men [90's]; If you will not double team this guy will score at will; if you doubled him, he will passed the ball to any of the left open among the 4 guys camping downtown who will surely hit it because all of my guys here are elite marks man)

Pf-Clifford Robinson (Can Shoot 3s; Can shoot freethrows; Elite Finisher; Can guard 5 Positions; an all defensive 2nd team winner in the 90’s; low ego)

Sf-Shane Battier (Can Shoot 3s; Can Guard 4 positions; an all defensive 2nd team winner in the 2000’s; low ego)

Sg-Klay Thompson (will retire as the 2nd best Shooter ever; Can Guard 3 positions;low ego)

Pg-Stephen Curry (2MVPs; Greatest Shooter ever; low ego)

(Note: the defensive plan is to switch every time a pick n roll is orchestrated by the opposing team, since all my players are capable of guarding almost every position,

Nobody here is a freethrow liability, and all are solid if not great defenders,

they are not going to compete for stats because aside from Jordan and Olajuwon, they can be effective without the ball offensively, and

offensively, the strategy is “1-in-4-out” strategy (for the starters, M.J is the “in”; while for the bench, Olajuwon is the “in”; i believe this 2 players cannot be guarded without being doubled so the opposing team just have to pick their own poison either to get killed by the “in” by choosing not to double team or die with the 3point barrage from the “outs” by double teaming and leaving shooters)

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