Why do American’s Take Credit for Everything?

The reporting about Cuba in the main stream American press is laughable at best. Thus far they have only been able to dig to the depth of cigars and cars, but there is a trend occurring covering AirBnB and beer. This reporting is just plain obnoxious.

AirBnB has been taking credit for expanding the Casa Paticular program in Cuba, thus far the only thing AirBnB has done is explain to Cubans that they can charge more. The average Casa Paticular used to cost about $25 US, now you see these same accomodations going for $40. This is causing inflation. An inflation that is caused by one class of people, those fortunate enough to have the ability to run a Casa Paticular, affecting another class of people, those that are not.

This inflation is causing food prices to rise in a country where most people are barely able to put food on their table with the meager salaries that they make.

The US is instantly exporting its notion of the 1% without even thinking about it.

Today, Twitter is aflutter with the lack of beer in Cuba. ABC even ran a three paragraph fluff piece on the fact that American tourists are causing a shortage of the two Cuban brands of beer, Cristal and Bucanero.

This is ridiculous. In 2014 the Cuban government reported that they were only able to produce 94% of the needed beer in Cuba. This was “due to the demand of the self-employed and food service cooperatives. Other beers were being imported to meet demand at stores”.

Canadians and Europeans have been traveling to Cuba for years, they have been staying in Casa Paticulars and eating at private restaurants and all without destroying the economy and sucking down all the beer available.

The arrogance of the American press to assume that simply because Obama has loosened some travel restrictions and more Americans are traveling to Cuba, that Cubas changes are a direct result of America and Americans. This is embarrassing.

If the American press would cover the items that matter, if the general public had the desire to learn more about this wonderful country than beer, rum and white sandy beaches, everyones experience would be richer.

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